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Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in UV LED, UV LED Flashlight, UV LED Linear Light Source, UV LED Spot Light Source, Large Area UV LED Curing Machine, PCB and Solder, etc.. We concentrate on quality and service.

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New Products

UV LED Linear Light Source is a light module of UV LED light source. It’s through professional designed optical lens module outputting a long and narrow UV LED light band, satisfying banding, printing and other production needs. The characteristics of linear light source in the inheritance point of light source are characterized by large solidification area and short curing time. Ultra long life, cold light source, no heat radiation, life free of open and close times, high energy, uniform irradiation and other advantages. Compared with the traditional light source, the UV LED light source does not contain toxic substance, it is more safe and green.

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Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. is an emerging industry, insisting on putting the quality of products first. Compared with our peers, our products are well received by customers both in quality and price. Because Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. is honest and trustworthy, concentrating on good quality, so the customers bought here have become our customers.  With the development of these years, Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. products materials pay attention to environmental friendly, power saving, high efficiency, practical, mercury free, applicable to a variety of base materials. Choosing us is the right choice.
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