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EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DataReader Ultraviolet Illuminance Measuring Instrument EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DataReader Ultraviolet Illuminance Measuring Instrument EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DataReader Ultraviolet Illuminance Measuring Instrument EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DataReader Ultraviolet Illuminance Measuring Instrument

EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DataReader Ultraviolet Illuminance Measuring Instrument

EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DateReader, this type of Hand-held EIT UV Measuring Meter is specifically for some space to detect the narrow place.

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    UV Light Meters for UVA Measurement
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Product Details

EIT MC-2A UV Radiometer DateReader, this type of UVA UV Intensity Meter is specifically for some space to detect the narrow place.The sensor part of the ultraviolet detection instrument in the market is relatively large, which is suitable for measuring the ultraviolet illumination on the conveyor belt with a spacious area. However, it is difficult to measure the ultraviolet illumination value in some narrow places exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Features of Mini LED UV Measurement for Measuring UV Wavelength

• Small Size: 1.3” x 0.95” x 0.25”

• Lightweight: 0.33 ounces

• Measures total energy density in Joules/cm2

• Measures peak power density in Watts/cm2

• Battery powered

• High sample rate: 2000 Samples per second

• Automatic operation

• High temperature resistance

High Specification Sensors for UV Measurement Exporters

Applications of UVA Light Meters for Sale for Measuring UV Wavelength Importers

• UV systems requiring small size and automatic operation

• Small container curing (bottles, cans, etc.)

• Three-dimensional objects

• Web printing

• Very small conveyorized and batch applications (semiconductor printing, small part bonders, etc.)

• Statistical Process Control measurements

Specification of Personalized UVA UV Integral Sensor Detector for UV Measurement

Spectral Response

UVA (320-390nm, 10% power points)

Sample rate

2000 per second

Total Energy

0 to 9999 Joules/cm2


0.001 Joules/cm2


+/- 7% typical @ 25, -0.2% per  over operating range

Peak UV Irradiance

Low Power (-2 Version): 100mW/cm2 to 2W/cm2

High Power (-10 Version): 500mW/cm2 to 10W/cm

Spatial Response

Cosine approximation

Operating Temperature Range

15-70 internal

Time-out Period

Approximately 4 minutes after last UV exposure


Permanent lithium cell

MicroCure® Radiometer Life

200 readings or 1 year , whichever comes first


1.30” long x 0.95” wide x 0.25 thick (33.00mm x 24.13mm x 6.35mm)


0.33oz (9.4 grams)


Plated Aluminum, nylon


User Interface

Push button switches allow user to display total energy and peak UV irradiance or

to reset the unit


5.77” long x 4.38” wide x 1.45” high (146.56mm x 111.25mm x 36.83mm)


11.75 oz (333.11 grams)


4 digit LCD, programmable decimal point

Operating Temperature Range



30 seconds

Package Material

Steel, nylon, polycarbonate


One user replaceable 9V lithium battery; 36,000 readings or 5 years 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cheap Accumulated UVA UV Sensor Probe for UV Measurement

Operation of UV Light Meters Detector for Measuring UV Wavelength

The MicroCure® radiometer is designed to be placed in a UV curing environment so that the UV radiation strikes the radiometer in the same manner as it would strike an actual work piece. The radiometer is designed so that when UV strikes the measuring face of the instrument, it automatically measures and stores electronically the amount of UV energy impinged upon it and the peak UV irradiance. Upon completion of the measurement, the operator places the radiometer in a stand-alone Data-Reader. Depressing the “Select” button on the Data-Reader downloads the information in the radiometer and displays on an LCD the total UV energy and peak UV irradiance seen by the radiometer. A short push of the “Select” button toggles between the dosage and UV irradiance measurement readings. Pressing the “Reset” button on the Data-Reader will clear the electronic storage in the radiometer and the readings on the Data-Reader display. The radiometer is now ready to take another reading.

If no UV radiation above a threshold value is encountered for four minutes, the radiometer will enter a “deep sleep” mode. In the “sleep” mode, the radiometer batteries will last a minimum of one year. Alternatively, the unit can make 200 measurements on the same battery.

To ensure that the radiometer battery has sufficient remaining energy, the Data-Reader display indicates how many readings have been made by the individual radiometer since new.

The Data-Reader is battery powered and can perform 36,000 readings on a single battery. A low battery condition is indicated on the display.

Handling and Safety Precautions of Portable Mini UV Light Meters UV Detector

Due to the radiometer's data transfer, case configuration, and the applications for which it was designed, the following precautions should be observed to ensure the radiometer's performance.

• Avoid conductive materials, including process chemicals, process vapors, and anti-static mists when handling the MicroCure®. These materials may cause the unit to short, reset and lose stored data.

• Handling the MicroCure® with gloves reduces the chances of a short occurring.

• Do not let the MicroCure® Best Ultraviolet Radiometer travel through print stations, die cutters, pinch rollers or other processes which may damage both the radiometers and your equipment.

• Do not short the two case sides of a MicroCure® together. Doing so will reset the unit and any stored data will be lost.

• Do not allow MicroCure® radiometers to touch each other. Data loss or corruption may occur.

• Do not mark or label the MicroCure® radiometer case.

Sale UVA Ultraviolet Index for UV Measurement for Sale


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