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Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd., established in Guangdong, China, 2007, has a team of research and development, manufacturing and sales with rich professional background knowledge. The company's vision is to "Move towards the industry equipment preferred supplier", and continuously provide you with high-tech environmental protection LED UV curing light source in the field of hunting, so as to make the society more rich and exciting. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Focus and Innovation", the company specializes in the development and application of new environment-friendly special UV curing light source. After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, we focus on the LED UV curing light, UV magnetic particle inspection, UV fluorescence detection, detection light source biological, medical, police, plant growth lamp, scientific research multi-band light source, UVC LED sterilization, UV LED photon medical, UV water disinfection, vegetable disinfection, air purification and so on as the main product line. Our products have been widely used in many fields such as military, scientific research, biology, criminal investigation, photoelectric, beauty, medical treatment, water treatment, vegetable sterilization and so on.

Our products and solutions are not only satisfied with the domestic market, but also expand into the global field and are recognized by many well-known international companies. Our company attaches great importance to investment in technology research and development, the combination of many scientific research units. We have made a brilliant technology achievement: UV irradiation of high power, UV LED point light irradiation, LED wavelength light source illuminate system and UVC LED photons, such as health care, industrial supplies. The company scientific research strength and scale is growing stronger.

We specialize in UV LED, UV LED Module, UV LED Flashlight, UV LED Spot Light Source, UV LED Area Light Source, UV LED Linear Light Source, etc.. We have professional technical personage woks for the products.  Also, we will try our best to meet your needs, achieving our cooperation.

Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. Positioning : Be a supplier of professional, new, environmental protection, energy saving UV light source and peripheral products.

Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. Services: optoelectronics industry, scientific research unit, criminal investigation, flaw detection, medical, biological, advertising, beauty, water treatment, vegetable processing, etc..

The purpose of the Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. : to meet the needs of customers, provide professional customized services, and jointly create a new field of UV light source application.

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