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Imported Japan NICHIA NVSU233B UV 365nm 6W UV Flashlight

Imported Japan NICHIA NVSU233B UV 365nm 6W UV Flashlight

NICHIA 6W UV Flashlight 365nm uses NVSU233B light beads, applys for Amber jade appraisal industry, Fluorescent seal ink industry, detection, etc.

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    NICHIA 365nm 6W UV Flashlight
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    T/T 100% Before Shipment
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Product Details

NICHIA 6W UV Flashlight 365nm uses NVSU233B light beads, applys for Amber jade appraisal industry, Fluorescent seal ink industry, detection, etc.


Brand : DSX

Type : NVSU233B

Place of Origin : Japan NICHIA

Size : pure 365nm

Color (shell) : S2+ Black or Gray

Material (shell) : Aluminium Alloy

Material (Len) : Glass

Gear Model : single gear

Optical Mode :  reflected light of aluminum

Switch Position : tail

Switch Mode : press button

Operation Type : AMC7135*4

Battery Type : 18650 lithium battery can be used with a protective plate or without a protective plate

Battery Usage : one

Packing : white box

Diameter : 24.1mm

Length : 118mm

Weigh (UV Flashlight) : 76g

Weigh (include Packing) : 88g

Accessories : charger, protective sleeve, packaging box

Because of the distance, the battery is not easy to transport. Please provide one battery of 18650 for yourselves. (18650 lithium battery can be used with a protective plate or without a protective plate)

NICHIA 365nm 6W UV Flashlight

Application Area

1.High-grade tobacco and alcohol anti-counterfeiting industry

2.Stamp collection appraisal industry

3.Amber jade appraisal industry

4.Antique collection appraisal industry

5.Identification of anti - counterfeiting notes

6.Fluorescent seal ink industry

7.Global currency security industry

8.Paper towel fluorescence detection industry

9.Fluorescent fiber inspection industry

10.Dust, fiber and other industries

The UV Flashlight has black and gray, both has optical filter, in which most of customers are used for detection and identification. Purple light of bring optical filter is more pure. If you don’t need optical filter, please explain in advance.

Portable Professional UV Flashlight for Inspection

Other Knowledge about UV Flashlight

UV Light, as a black light, plays a significant role in our life. Because of small, portable and versatile, more and more people are paying attention to UV Flashlight. Now, we share share with you some of the power of the purple flashlight in daily life.

Fishing Light

Many anglers like to fish at night, and when they float with fluorescent, they will need a UV Flashlight. According to the fluorescence reaction, the effect of violet light is the best, but no matter how many wavelengths of ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body. What's more, long periods of staring at the surface of the water, ripples on the surface of the water indirectly reflect UV light causing discomfort and fatigue in the eyes. Purple light, because of manufacturer different craft effect, can have very big difference, so customers choose professional fluorescent lamp is very important. In addition, try to keep the rays parallel to the water surface, so that the eyes of the fish and people are small.

Security Observation

COINS, drivers' licenses, passports, bank CARDS and even stamps have anti-counterfeit labels. Because of having fluorescent ink, purple light is the best detection tool. UV Flashlight can be seen everywhere in daily life. In the market, different wavelength of UV Flashlight has different price. In terms of the use effect, the shorter the wavelength, the more obvious the effect, the greater the number of watts, the better the effect, not just the brightness and the number of lights. But for daily use, 395nm will be tested, and 365nm will be better.

Air Conditioning Leak Inspection

It’s closely related to air conditioning maintenance personnel. With increasingly advanced detection methods, then trouble is no longer to bubble water detection, only need a tiny fluorescent agent spray, air conditioning and a half hours, with a high power high strength purple light flashlight illuminating, where there is a crack and is be clear at a glance, convenient and quick.

Pipeline Leak Detection

Car line pipes, water pipes, pipes and other pipe leakage, purple light flashlight is also a necessary device, the principle is consistent with air conditioning leak detection.


Now the domestic and foreign players like to linger on the national geographic treasure, only a small GPS combined with various wavelength UV flashlight that you can open a period of adventure. Little violet light flashlight also is really powerful and essential.

Detect Various Fluorescence Reactions

Diapers, sanitary napkins, tissues, clothes, laundry detergent, cosmetics, urine, GHB, LSD, etc.. The only thing you can't think of is fluorescence without UV detection. Now people pay attention to health, there is a wave of fluorescent color change. A small portable purple flashlight becomes a new favorite.

Criminal Investigation

Blood stains need to be matched with luminol.

6W 365nm High Power LED UV Flashlights

Some Popular Science about Ultraviolet Light

UVA (Ultraviolet A)

Long wave UVA, its wavelength is between 315 ~ 400nm, can penetrate clouds, glass into the interior and the car, can penetrate to the dermis, lead to appear skin aging, wrinkles, the main cause of skin cancer. UVA can divided for UVA-2 (320~340M,) and UVA-1(340~400nm).

UVA-1 penetration is strongest. It can reach derma layer to make skin tanning, is the largest harmful to the skin. But also for  easy to overlook, especially not in the summer, UVA - 1 although weak intensity, still exists. Because of the amount of accumulated for a long time, it would cause skin damage, especially skin aging and relaxation, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, melanin precipitation.

UVA-2 and UVB can also reach the skin epidermis, which can cause sunburn, redness and pain, solar keratosis, and loss of transparency.

UVB (Ultraviolet B)

Middle wave UVB, its wavelength is between 280 ~ 315nm, will be absorbed by ozone in the stratosphere and would cause sunburn and skin redness, swelling, heat, and pain, serious, still can get blisters or peeling (similar to the symptoms of burn).

UVC (Ultraviolet C)

Short wave UVC, with a wavelength of 100~280nm, is shorter and more dangerous, but can be blocked by the ozone layer without reaching the surface of the earth, which is less harmful to human skin.

Each person's tolerance for UV radiation, depending on the amount of sunlight accumulated to a certain limit, can cause different harm. UVC or high - intensity UVB and UVA exposed to industrial equipment, people can also cause damage to the surface tissue of the eye.


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