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Special Material UV Protective Suit UV-Resistant Material Professional for UV Penetration Special Material UV Protective Suit UV-Resistant Material Professional for UV Penetration Special Material UV Protective Suit UV-Resistant Material Professional for UV Penetration

Special Material UV Protective Suit UV-Resistant Material Professional for UV Penetration

High Quality UV protective clothing is professional for all kinds of UV protection, special for protect human safety.

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    Ultraviolet Protective Suit
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Product Details

This professional UV protective suit is needed in industry and hospital whenever there is UV radiation. Factory engaged in UV furnace and a variety of ultraviolet light source equipment operations staff and hospital staff must.

Harm of UV to human body of Breathable Membrane Ultraviolet Protectiove Clothing :

The ultraviolet ray in solar spectrum makes textile fade and embrittlement not only, also can make human body skin basks in ageing, produce melanin and chromatic spot, more serious still can cause cancerous change, endanger human health. The harm of ultraviolet radiation to human body attracts more and more attention from all countries in the word. Countries such as Australia clearly require students’ clothing to have sunscreen function. China has also formulated the standard of anti-ultraviolet textile.

High Quality UV protective clothing UV-Proof Pure Cotton Cloth Wholesalers

Principles of Anti-Static Isolation UV Protective Clothing :

Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co., Ltd. is an ultraviolet fabrics containing numerous customers supply efficient UV absorption material. Its protection principle is the ultraviolet ray that prevents ultraviolet ray fabrics to absorb high energy, make it transform to low energy through the jump of molecular level, become the heat energy of low energy or the electromagnetic wave with shorter wavelength, reduce insolation intensity thereby, eliminate the harm of ultraviolet ray to human body and fabric.

Breathable Membrane UV-Resistant Material Clothing Suppliers

The Clothing is excluding UV Protective Glasses, if you need, please click : UV Protective Goggles

Product Features of Professional Safety UV Protective Suit :

1. CE Certificated,Effective protection of particulate matter

2. Excellence in durability

3. Wear comfortable

4. Protection against static electricity

5. Can be used with other protective equipment

6. Anti dust,Anti-harmful particles,Lowly hazardous liquids

7. Can not be washed

8. Do not tumble dry

9. Do not iron

10. Do not dry clean

11. non-toxic

12. safe to human body

13. no skin irritation

14. no allergic reaction

15. with good moisture absorption

Raw material for Professional Safety UV protective clothing :

UV-resistant fabrics include cotton, linen, silk, wool, terylene and nylon fabrics, which can absorb reflect and scatter ultraviolet rays at 180-400nm (especially UV-A and UV-B).

Professional High Intensity UV Penetration Protection UV-Proof Terylene Manufacturer

Authority to prove of Safety Anti-UV Pure Cotton Clothing :

Tests by authoritative institutions in Australia and other countries have proved that the UPF value of UV protective clothing JC40*40 and 110*90 flat cloth is as high as 50+, and the UPF value is still 50+ after 40 times of washing. Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co., Ltd. can provide various specifications of anti--UV fabrics : anti-UV pure cotton cloth : 40*40, 133*100, 36-100 and 30*30, 68*68, 36-102. UV-proof terylene : 30*30, 76*84, 76-105 and 40*40, 100*80, 47-101. UV-proof pure cotton cloth : 40*40, 110*90, 47-105, etc.


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