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Light Blocking UV LED Debonding Machine Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box Light Blocking UV LED Debonding Machine Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box Light Blocking UV LED Debonding Machine Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box

Light Blocking UV LED Debonding Machine Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box

UV LED Debonding Machine Lighting Blocking UV LED Curing Oven Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box

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    UV LED Debonding Machine
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    T/T 100% Before Shipment
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Product Details

UV LED Debonding Machine Lighting Blocking UV LED Curing Oven Semiconductor UV Film Degumming Curing Box

UV  debonding machine optical lens, LED, IC, semiconductor, integrated circuit board, mobile hard disk and other semiconductor materials UV film degumming use

Paramerters :



Outside Dimension




Emitted Area




Irradiation Height




Curing Speed


Service Life

20000 hours



Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Input Voltage


Control Method

PLC automatic control



Screen Size

7 inch

Standby Power


Lighting Blocking UV LED Curing Oven

UV Dissolver Performance and Features:

The curing speed of the adhesive is generally 30-40 seconds, but depending on the adhesive properties and suitability of the film and the wavelength of the lamp, the curing time will increase or decrease, but this system It is highly applicable. For example, it can be used in R&D and a large variety of production lines for UV film debonding of semiconductor materials such as optical lenses, LEDs, ICs, semiconductors, integrated circuit boards, and mobile hard disks.

Introduction :

UV debonding machine is suitable for 6/8/12’’ chip whole chip irradiation use, the theme part is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, reliable refrigeration, stable performance, high film precision and stability, simple operation.

UV Curing Box for UV Film Degumming

Semiconductor UV Cuirng Oven for UV Glue

Semiconductor LED UV Curing System UV Facility for Sale

UV Dissolver Features:

1. Wafer size: up to 6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch

 2. The operator simply places/unloads the work, and the other work is fully automatic.  

3. So small, the desktop model contains imported cold light source to uniformly produce light with a wavelength of 350-400nm, eliminating the glue of the film.

 4, with low temperature, uniform exposure, compact structure, low energy consumption, is the ideal model for the semiconductor industry


In the ordinary dispenser manufacturers, such as some dispensing controllers, the domestic imitation technology is very mature, the market competition is very fierce, the price has plummeted, and even a few machines have appeared. However, domestic dispensers generally have low precision and are not stable enough. Some high-tech industries, when it comes to purchasing glue dispensers, can only find world brands.Therefore, in the case of high precision, it is waiting for the people with lofty ideals to make further efforts.When the market is fiercely competitive, only quality and service can make you stand out.  

Dispenser processing method for :

1. Opening the glue  

when opening the rubber head, because there is a gap between the rubber outlet and the rubber valve, there is no glue between the rubber nozzles. If the rubber outlet is opened, the movement will start immediately. Lead to a short section of lack of glue at the beginning of the track. In order to avoid this situation, after the glue is opened, it is postponed for a while, waiting for the glue to flow out, and then perform the subsequent movement. This delay time is called the glue opening delay. 

2. After the rubber is  

closed, there is still no glue flowing between the rubber outlet and the rubber valve. If it is moved immediately after closing the rubber head, it may constitute a glue tailing phenomenon. In order to avoid the attack, after the rubber head is closed, the glue is allowed to flow for a while, and then the follow-up action is performed.This delay is called the glue delay. 

3. The height of the drawing is high  

because the viscosity of some glues is large, and the gap is slowly raised at a constant speed to break the glue, which does not affect the glue track. This interval is called the drawing height. 

4. Lifting Height  

When the track is finished, after moving to the starting point of the next track, in order to avoid the impact of the rubber head, lift the rubber head up to a height at the finished point to ensure that the rubber head is safe to hit the needle, and then move to the next section. The starting point of the track, this height is called the lifting height. 

5. Early closing of the glue  

to close the glue, that is, the early closing of the glue interval means that in the continuous track coating, the plastic head is closed before reaching the end point, and the residual pressure and the excess glue are used to finish the final section of the track to avoid the pile of glue. i.e., the length of this track "glue off interval." complete action 

After the dispensing of the entire teaching track is completed, in order to facilitate the pick-and-place of the workpiece, increase the processing power or eliminate the processing error, the user can set the glue head to move to the specified orientation, or the starting point of the processing file, or the processing file completion point, or reset, or File connection. This project is called the completion action. 

6. Pulling up and Lifting  

because of the viscosity of the glue, the wire drawing action after the glue is closed can not reach the action of pulling the broken wire, and the shape of the pulled rubber wire may not meet the requirements. Therefore, after closing the rubber head, performing the diagonal pull up action for the wire drawing preparation 

7. Glue Heating 

can try to heat the glue to a suitable temperature, the fluidity of the added glue, and can also handle the drawing in a certain sense! Keep an eye on the temperature of the heating is not too high!

UV LED Debonding Machine for UV ink


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