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New Design Portable LED UV Curing Oven for 3D Printing New Design Portable LED UV Curing Oven for 3D Printing New Design Portable LED UV Curing Oven for 3D Printing

New Design Portable LED UV Curing Oven for 3D Printing

New Design box-style portable UV Curing Box furnace instead of traditional mercury lamp UV dryer.

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    UV LED Exposure BOX
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Product Details

Customized UV Curing Oven is box-style portable LED UV Dryer Oven / UV dryer.

Brief Overview : 

In many industry applications, for many customers in this light, there are a lot of need LED cold light source oven a similar to the previous low temperature oven as mercury lamp, after the launch of this oven has been highly praised by many customers, so some of the more common than oven application and some advantages of what it is simple for everyone, an overview:

1, UV LED oven research institutions: semiconductor, communications laboratory, medical polymer materials, photocatalysis and other applications

2, PCB board micro device UV UV curing bonding (capacitor, chip, plug-in, inductance, circuit board coating protection, coil fixed)

3, small thermal radiation, especially suitable for liquid crystal edge, plastic substrate, film printing, medical equipment requires small temperature rise area.

4 、 UVLED oven, the luminous uniformity, stability, light intensity, shorten the product curing time, improve production efficiency.

5. Assembly of optical elements (such as lenses, prisms, optical engines, etc.): assembly of images and instruments, such as microscopes, infrared instruments, night vision instruments, probes, etc.

6, mobile phone, remote control, computer keyboard, calculator button, UV ink, silk screen drying, touch screen side curing

7 、 two times curing of optical communication (PLC, FA, AWG, CWDM) devices

8, low energy consumption, power consumption is 10% of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, can save 90% electricity

9, microelectronic semiconductor chip bonding, sensor production, micro motor assembly, hard disk head phone, mobile phone camera module bonding and other mobile phone assembly

10. Medical equipment (syringe, guide tube, endoscope) UV curing bonding

11, long service life, LED life can reach more than 20000 hours, reduce the cost of consumables.

12, security monitoring camera UV glue adhesive small parts, UVLED label printing surface light source

13, according to the actual application of customers, custom UVLED light source oven

14, LED oven for cold light source, no heat radiation, the temperature of the irradiated product is almost unchanged

Parameters of  High Performance UV Curing Oven :



Size of controller






Power consumed



Working temperature and humidity

-40oC-50oC ; 20%-85%RH



Cooling way

fan cooling 

Curing area


Irradiated distance



UV LED BOX Box-Style UV LED Dryer


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