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Leduvcuring High Power UV Curing Chamber for Laboratory Curing 3D Print Photo-Sensitive Resin Leduvcuring High Power UV Curing Chamber for Laboratory Curing 3D Print Photo-Sensitive Resin

Leduvcuring High Power UV Curing Chamber for Laboratory Curing 3D Print Photo-Sensitive Resin

High Efficiency UV Curing Chamber, irradiation area is 150*100mm, is widely used in curing wood coating, plastic coating, paper coating, floor coating, etc..

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    UV Irraidation Chamber
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    T/T 100% Before Shipment
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Product Details

Non-standard Customized UV Curing Oven for Laboratory Curing 3D Print Photo-Sensitive Resin

Product Parameters of Non-Standard Customization UV LED Curing Oven :




Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co., Ltd.



Light Area



Fan cooling

Input power

100*240V AC 50*60Hz




365nm, 365-420nm selectable

Capacity of the drawer



>500mW/cm2,70mmby EIT

Material / Weight

White sheet metal paint

Display / Language

LCD Touch Screen / English


Time, intensity, mode adjustable

LED Cumulative Time

Record accumulated using time

RS232 Serial Communication

Can query and adjust intensity, time and mode

Control Method

Connected with MCU, PLC and other automatic equipment to control and feedback the work state

High Quality LED UV Light Box Curing UV Coating Distributors

Applications of Newest High Power LED UV Light Box for UV Curing :

1. Wood coating : wood prints and top varnish and paints : fillers (to fill gaps in the wood interior and surface); water-based glue curing furniture coating.

2. Plastic coating : film coatings and hard coatings : low material metallized plastic coatings for automotive parts, appliances, optical discs, credit cards, window films, and automotive headlights and luminescent components.

3. Paper coatings : coating on the surface of glazed, metallized paper substrates for decorative paper, labels, cards and papers.

4. Floor coating : vinyl base felt, vinyl silicon, parquet.

Industrial Specilization UV Light Curing Box 365nm Suppliers

Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co., Ltd. produce Fast Cure UV Glue UV Light Curing Box 365nm which is for the radiation curing of layer. Because there is a photo-initiator on the ground of the layer, and the photo-initiator reacts under the action of UV LED Light to achieve the curing effect.

Every Aspect of Daily Life for Using High Performance UV Irradiation Equipment Curing UV Glue :

1.Coating, optical disc, optical fiber, magnetic tape, magnetic card, high-grade goods bad, photograph film, magazine cover, vacuum metal plastic, can, furniture veneer, laminate, wall panel, vinyl floor tile and tile surface, electroplating metal pipe and leather decoration, etc.

2.UV LED ink : offset lithography, letterpress printing, flexographic printing, intaglio printing and screen printing.

3.UV LED adhesive : automotive headlights, pressure-sensitive labels and transfer printing, electronic device packaging, cladding, medical plastic parts assembly.

4.Electronic devices : printed circuit boards, corrosion inhibitors, solder inhibitors, character inks, photoresist dry film, protective coating, etc.

5.Others : printing boards, medical devices, dental fillings, cosmetic boxes, eyeglasses, golf balls, trophies, skis, snowmobiles, advertising signs and other coating curing or decoration, and three-dimensional light casting processing.

Customization UV LED Curing Oven for UV Glue Manufacturer


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