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Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm

Double Curing On Line UV Furnace UV Curing Machine Inspection Conveyor 365nm

Double-Sided Online UV Curing Oven is suitable for UV Glue adhesive Curing TFT screen, IPS screen, supper LCD screen, OLED screen, etc..

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    365nm UV Curing Equipment
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    T/T 100% Before Shipment
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Product Details

Online UV Curing Equipment is using high purity and impurity free UV LED light beads, belongs to UV Cold Light Source. UV Cold Light Source will not damage PVC, TP materials. No Ozone UV Light Curing Box Curing UV Ink is ozone free production, belongs to environmental protection equipment. The main wavelength is 365nm, also can be customized other wavelength.

Rail-Mounted Online UV Curing Oven is suitable for UV Glue adhesive Curing TFT screen, IPS screen, supper LCD screen, OLED screen. It can meet the requirements of bulk UV Glue bonding and curing of mobile phone screen.

Parameter of Double-Sided UV Curing Machine for Screen Adhesive :


On Line UV Curing Furnace



Outside Dimension


Total Power


PCB Width


Convey Hight


Direction of Transfer

left - right □right - leftdefault left to right

Conveyor Speed




Lighting Area

314 x 370 mm


Air cooling

Input Power

100-240V AC 50-60 HZ



Number of Luminous Heads

There are two double-sided curing lamps


Touch screen, can set brightness, time


Standard value above 7000mJ

Light Source Height

Adjustable in 50mm


Support the online function, chain form and front and rear machine docking, support communication with front and rear machine

Rail-Mounted Online UV Curing Oven for Resin Epoxy Curing Manufactuer

Acceptance of the Security Point for UV Curing Chamber Curing UV Glue Adhesive :

1.Safety warning signs (electricity, clamps, ESD, heat, etc.), warning signs are posted on dangerous parts, warning lights of electric shock are posted on electrical parts, and alarm lights (or tricolor lights) are normal.

2.Whether the equipment (automation equipment including all test and packaging equipment) has passed the acceptance certification of EHS committee or equipment acceptance department (supplier), to eliminate the potential safety hazards such as tip discharge, leakage, smashing and pressure.

3.All power input and out put ends of the equipment have the ability to prevent misplacement. If not, there must be clear identification indicating the input and output relationship and the definition of ports. Prevent the wrong plug and burn out.

4.The contactable part of the equipment does not have sharp edges and corners, the wire guide groove is smooth, without the sharp edges and corners, the dangerous parts have protective cover or safety interlock (safety door or grating), no sharp edges and acute angles.

5.Qualification certification, nameplate, specification, design schematic diagram, circuit diagram.

6.The motion mechanism has protective cover or safety interlock (safety door or grating) and emergency stop button.

7.The individual electric control box shall have overload protection, leakage protection, IP waterproof and dust-proof, and tidy circuit.

8.The equipment is installed neatly, without obvious parts or overall equipment shaking loose.

9.The equipment is normally powered on without any special abnormality, and the working noise, heating of equipment components and flashing of indicator lights are all normal. For example, high-temperature operation requires temperature warning system.The standard of noise is <80db, and the temperature warning point is 20% drop of auxiliary material ignition point for each equipment.

10.There are no errors in the internal wiring of the equipment, especially in the power supply and location wiring, such as the test unit in position to detect whether the switch is connected incorrectly.

11.Whether pneumatic equipment has anti-pinch measures and warning labels.

12.Movement mechanism in and out of the abnormal sound, pneumatic emergency stop button start, the internal equipment must be out of gas, power.

13.Equipment materials must meet environmental requirements.

Acceptance of the Technical Index Point for High Performance UV Oven UV Light Box for Printing :

1.The total length of the equipment shall not exceed 1M, and the pipeline height is 95±15 cm.

2.UV Furnace coverage area is 50*50cm--350*300cm

3.The equipment shall support the online function, and the belt shall be connected with the front and rear machines and shall support the communication with the front and rear machines.

4.UV intensity can meet the minimum requirement 4000mj/cm2.

5.UV intensity reach 2000-4000mj/cm2, time<20S.

6.The equipment supports width adjustment, dimension adjustment is 50cm-470cm

7.And can communicate with front and rear engines.

8.Protective cover is needed before and after the equipment. No light can be transmitted during the working process.

9.Installation equipment status indicator (PASS, FALL, START, TESTING,etc.), the test results can be displayed through the status indicator.

Acceptance of the ESD Point for Railed-Mounted Online UV Curing Oven :

1.Chassis, fixture, grounding, power supply according to ESD requirements.

2.Leakage voltage of electrical installations < 0.1V

3.Metal index requirements : RS surface resistance <4Ω

4.Non-metallic index requirements : Rg ground resistance : 1×104Ω~1×109Ω,U friction voltage: <100V

5.Equipment noise voltage index requirements : <35V

6.Housing, fixture, grounding, power grounding resistance : hard ground <4Ω

Acceptance of the Maintainability Point for High Power UV Light Curing Systems :

1.Provide a reasonable and compliant list of vulnerable parts and spare parts (including vulnerable parts and spare parts model, manufacturer and service life), and ensure that all vulnerable parts and spare parts are available. Alternative materials must be clearly marked.

2.All non-standard parts of the equipment should be made available at reasonable cost, provided that the performance requirements are consistent.

3.The equipment, internal cables, air pipes and veneer shall be properly marked or silk-screened (the marking characters shall be consistent with the operating instructions.The default paste position of the label is 2cm away from the plug. In special cases, it can be handled specially. For example, the position of the label should avoid bending the cable or other positions that affect the cable installation.

4.The hardware connection diagram and gas circuit diagram of the equipment are correct for maintenance.

5.Fully consider maintainability when replacing cables in equipment.

6.The structural design of wearing parts of equipment (including fixtures) must support rapid replacement (such as needle plate, non-standard USB head).

Acceptance of the Ground Protection Point for Industrial UV Curing LED Oven Chamber :

1.It is not possible to use the joint grounding method of a group of grounding bodies together with working grounding, protective grounding (including shielding grounding and grounding of tested objects).

2.The equipment and accessory equipment normally do not live metal parts are protective grounding. Note : no additional protective grounding shall be done when the attached equipment is in contact with the conductor of the equipment body.

3.Contact resistance between connecting points at both ends of the internal grounding wire of

the equipment ≤1Ω. Good electrical contact inside grounding point of test equipment, contact resistance


4.There are no connectors, switches or fuses on the protective ground lines.

5.The protective earth wire is made of plastic insulated copper conductor with yellow and green colors.

6.The protective place introduced by the power cord is connected to the protective place of the instrument and equipment inside the cabinet.

Acceptance of the Electric Line Point for High Quality UV Curing Conveyor Systems :

1.The equipment name-plate contains the equipment model, weight, size, voltage, pressure, power, equipment number, manufacturer and date of production.

2.Cable wiring binding firm, no crossing, no uneven phenomenon, the external cable should be minimal.

3.The insulation layer on the cable surface should not be damaged, and the joints or copper buckles should be wrapped with heat-shrinkable bushing or insulation bushing.

4.The cable is firmly connected, and is not easy to be knocked off or loose (the cable has a certain margin (5 ~ 10cm) length at the connection plug, or a large enough turning radius to prevent the formation of excessive tension on the cable).

5.The power input line of the equipment is jacketed to allow for wear.

6.The cable is selected to meet the requirements of the signal frequency, without affecting the quality of the signal or causing interference to the signal.

7.The cable color shall meet the requirements of negative voltage - blue, GND - black, PGND - yellow and green or yellow, positive voltage - red.

High Quality UV Curing Conveyor Systems Curing UV Glue Bonding Screen Suppliers


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