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UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter

UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter

UV-MINI UV Energy Meter is a high quality energy meter, is used to measure the different light source of UV energy.

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    UV-MINI UV Energy Meter
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Product Details

UV-MINI UV Energy Meter is a high quality energy meter.

UV - MINI UV energy meter is used to measure the different light source of UV energy. It is suitable for UV light equipment supporting the use of different configuration, can effectively monitor the energy of the curing process parameters, and achieve the ideal solidification quality and consistency of the same product.

The energy measured by the energy meter has a spectral range of 250 ~ 410nm,  and the optimum peak spectrum output is 365nm.

When repeated measurements are made in cycles, the readings will accumulate automatically as long as they are not manually reseted. Different readings may appear under the same measurement conditions due to the irregular radiation distribution of spectrum and the different structural designs of different manufacturers.

UV Measurement


1)This kind of energy meter has high temperature resistance and can avoid the accuracy deviation caused by high temperature.  

2)Patented products, and can be completed annual inspection in China so that reduce maintenance costs.

Operating steps:

1)Press the side switch of the meter to "ON" and the "0" will be displayed ON the screen.

2)Flip the meter over and put it in the light source area. The sensor is facing the light source. Explain:The sensor is mounted on the back of the instrument and can accept a certain temperature.

3)After the instrument passes through the illumination area of the light source, the actual energy value can be read from the front screen, and the ultraviolet energy will be displayed. Unit: mj/cm²

4)Before proceeding with a new measurement procedure, the side switch of the instrument must be set to "OFF" position, that is closed. Then started again and the screen will be reset to "0" again.

5)After using the instrument, keep it in a special package to avoid being scratched or damaged.

Matters Attention:

1)Avoid shaking the instrument with force

2)Avoid operating the instrument continuously at temperatures over 110 degrees Celsius. it is recommended that the instrument be returned to normal temperature for next operation.

3)In the operation process, avoid looking directly at the light source area to ensure that the exposed skin is not directly exposed to the light source, so as not to harm the human body.

Technical parameter:

Spectral coverage:250~410nm

Measuring range:0~5,000mw/cm²

Indication range:0~999,999mj/cm²

Source:3.6 Lithium cell

Battery power consumption:100μA

Battery capacity:For one year

Outline dimension:93*63W*13Hmm

Weight:About 150 grams

Ambient temperature:0~45℃

Bearing temperature:The maximum temperature limit accepted is 110 ℃ for no more than 10 seconds.  

International Limited Guarantee :

This guarantee will take effect under the following conditions:

1)The product must be operated in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual.

2)The product should not be abused. For example: overheating or mechanical damage.

3)The product shall not be opened without permission.

4)It is recommended to use the battery with certified brand or quality guaranteed.

5)For the defect in the instrument itself, the company will repair or replace free of charge during the warranty period.

6)In case of damage or improper operation of the product, please follow the following procedures: return the product to our company together with the original valid invoice, this manual and a brief description of damage or improper operation.

UV-MINI UV Energy Meter


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    UV Integrator MINI Energy Meter
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