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Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter

Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter

The MicroCure ® Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter combines its compact size and adaptability to address a variety of demanding physical and thermal environments.

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    MicroCure EIT
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Product Details

The EIT Instrument Markets MicroCure ® is a radiometer that addresses UV measurement and process control in areas where radiometer placement is difficult. The MicroCure ® combines its compact size and adaptability to address a variety of demanding physical and thermal environments. These attributes make it possible to obtain measurements in curing applications that were previously inaccessible to radiometers.

The  Wireless Operation System UV Energy Meter radiometer is a microprocessor-based, calibrated, electro-

optic instrument that measures and accumulates total UV energy and UV irradiance applied to its measurement surface. The DataReader reads and displays the data collected by the MicroCure ® radiometer.

UV Energy Tester


1. Insert the MicroCure ® into the slot in the upper left side of the DataReader.

2. Press the RESET button to move the unit from standby/sleep mode to turn the unit on to active data collection mode. The DataReader will briefly display the software version (Px.xx), "rxx" where "xx" is the number of unit resets, then "0.00" to indicate that the unit is ready to take a reading.

3. Remove the MicroCure ® from the DataReader and place it in the UV process with the optics aperture towards the UV source.

NOTE: The MicroCure ® must be exposed to UV energy within four minutes after being reset. Otherwise, the MicroCure ® it will go back into standby/sleep mode. The DataReader automatically shuts down after thirty seconds of inactivity.

4. Remove the MicroCure ® from the UV environment and place it back into the slot in the DataReader.

5. Press the SELECT button. The DataReader will display the total UV energy in Joules per square centimeter (J/cm²) or the irradiance in Watts per square centimeter (W/cm²). Press and hold the SELECT button to toggle between total energy and irradiance.

6. Press the RESET button when the reading is displayed to clear the current reading and to set the MicroCure ® for its next reading.

High Speed Application

The MicroCure ® 's sample rate of 2048 samples per second produces accurate readings at high system speeds. Since total energy readings are directly proportional to exposure time, a reading for a high-speed system can be derived from a reading taken at a lower speed. For example, if the system speed is 600 feet per minute (fpm), jog the system down to 60fpm and take an energy reading. This reading represents the UV total energy of the system at 1/10 th the speed. To translate this to 600fpm, simply divide the energy reading by 10.

NOTE: Irradiance readings with the MicroCure ® should be consistent and are not dependent on speed. The MicroCure ® should register similar irradiance readings when consistent data collection techniques are .

The irradiance values displayed by the MicroCure ® are instantaneous peak irradiance values versus average or RMS irradiance values. The irradiance values are similar to the irradiance values collected with EIT instruments used in the “Smooth Off” (instantaneous peak) mode versus “Smooth On” (average peak) mode.


MicroCure® Radiometer Clean the MicroCure ® Radiometer's aperture with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the case of the MicroCure ® .

Do not open the radiometer's case. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the unit.

The MicroCure ® radiometer is given a one-time calibration before it is shipped from EIT Instrument Markets. It is specified to take 200 readings or last for approximately one year. Once the unit meets one of these conditions, it must be replaced.

The MicroCure ® Unit contains a battery. Any expired MicroCure ®  units may be returned to EIT for proper disposal of the battery.

Specification :

MicroCure ®  Radiometer

Dynamic Range  

Low Power (-2): 100mW/cm² to 2W/cm²

High Power (-10): 500mW/cm² to 10W/cm²

Display flashes if over-ranged

Peak Irradiance Accuracy

+/- 7% typical @ 25°

-0.2% per °C over operating range

Spectral response

UVA (320-390nm)

Sample Rate

2048 samples per second

Total Energy

0-9999 Joules/cm². Display flashes if over-


Energy Accuracy

+/- 7% typical @ 25°

-0.2% per °C over operating range

Spatial Response

Approximately cosine

Operating Temperature Range

15-70°C internal

Time-Out Period

4 minutes nominal after last UV exposure


Permanent lithium cell

Expired units can be returned to EIT for proper

battery disposal

Battery Life

200 readings with typical use or 1 year


1.30" long x 1.0" wide x 0.25" high (33.0mm x 25.4mm x 6.4mm)


0.33 oz. (9.4 grams)


Plated aluminum, nylon

Data Reader

User Interface

Push button switches allow user to display data or reset the unit


4 digit liquid crystal display


5.75" long x 4.38" wide x 1.2" high (139.7mm x 108mm x 25.4mm)


11.75 oz. (333.11 grams)

Operating Temperature Rang



30 seconds


9V lithium: 36,000 readings or 5 years

Alkaline battery life not specified


Steel, nylon, polycarbonate

MicroCure EIT


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