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Top Quality 365nm UV LED Curing Equipment Drying UV Glue Top Quality 365nm UV LED Curing Equipment Drying UV Glue Top Quality 365nm UV LED Curing Equipment Drying UV Glue

Top Quality 365nm UV LED Curing Equipment Drying UV Glue

100*100mm high power top quality power saving 365nm LED UV Curing Machine Curing UV Glue can be customized. You know 365nm is the best wavelength to cure UV glue.

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    100*100mm UV Curing Machine
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    T/T 100% before shipment
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Product Details

High Power Top Quality Power Saving 365nm UV LED Curing Machine to Curing UV Glue. It can be customized.This curing area is 100*100mm. As we know 365nm is the best wavelength to cure UV GLUE.That is it.

Description of Customized UV LED Curing Facility for Industry :

Long life span




Energy saving

save 80% electrical than Mercury lamp

Environment friendly

NO Mercury. NO Ozone. NO warm-up time. Low temperature


UV output adjustment


From 1%-100%. 

UV Glue Curing 100*100mmHigh Power UV LED Curing MachineUV LED Top Quality 100*100 Manchine

Main data of Stabilized LED Ultraviolet Curing Equipment for UV Adhesive :



 Cooling way

air cooling 

emitting area


Irradiation intensity


Irradiation distance



UV LED Curing Machine Saving 365nm

Contorller Specification of High Quality UV LED Paint Curing Systems 





The size of controller


Terminal I/O


   Pedal switch & serial RS-232

   communication signals


serial RS-232 communication signals

Cooling method of controller

Air cooling

Power supply voltage


Operation mode

Key Panel

Ambient temperature and


Ambient temperature:-10℃—50℃ 

Relative humidity:25%—85%RH


Dimming/Exposure control

Digital Debugging,Manual exposure

control,Foot control or timing control


Setting operation

Using the operating switch is set,Power key parameter switch,RS-232





External Control



External input

Enter irradiation alone

Irradiation stop input,

Interlocking,All lights

illuminated input,Query




External output

READY signal,Error

signal,Warning Output,Busy output(Various skinhead),+5VOutput (indicator use

Irradiation Specification 100*100mm Small Area UV Curing Equipment : 

Product model wavelength curing area peak irradiance cooling method irradiation distance
HTLD-S100-100X100 395nm 100x100mm 1000mw/cm2 air cooling 10-20mm

Product Application of Home Made UV Exposure Light Source Drying UV Coating :

High Power Curing UV Glue

Product Advantages of 100*100mm LED UV Curing Ink Equipment :

1.Low energy consumption, about 55%-80% of the traditional type. It can reduce the cost.

2.Long life expectancy can reach over 25000h hours;

3.  Eco-friendly: No lead and Hg(mercury) element , friendly to environment

4.No warm-up time;

5.Low temperature;

6.Easy to install and operate.

7.The company this anxious customers the way to do a good job in each case ,customers cost-effective products and services.


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