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High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System

High Intensity UV LED Spot Type UV Curing System

The UV Curing System is inside the highest power single chip UV LED. The light power of NVSU333A is obviously higher than other light source,world class standard.

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    UV Curing System
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Product Details

NVSU333A is super high power UV LED Spot Light Source. It is used imported high power 365nm UV light beads, light power (irradiation) is 40W or so. Use EIT to derect direct bursts.


Model : DSX333A


Voltage: 3.85V

Peak: 365nm

Electric power: 19W

Illuminance: 40000mW/cm2 (detection of burst table with imported EIT meter)

Controller Size: 170 * 160 * 70 mm (length * width * height)

Weight: 2KG

Control method: a power switch (head size : 70*42*47mm)

Lens (spot size selection, standard one): φ1.5mm, φ3mm, φ4mm, φ6mm, φ8mm, φ10mm, φ12mm, φ15m, φ20mm..

Direct round spot: 3*12mm, 4*16mm, 5*20mm rectangular spot,

Standard : power controller 1, cable 1, head 1, spot lens 1, warranty card 1, certificate 1

Optional : UV protective glasses , UV protective clothing , UV protective mask

Single Bead Please Check Here: NVSU333A  

Application :

UV adhesive curing, fluorescence detection, fluorescence excitation, crosslinking reaction, biological polymerization, magnetic powder detection

Irradiation Parameter

Cooling Method: Air Cooling

Line Length: 1.5-2m

UV Curing System

Light Spot Size

Size: 12mm external diameter

Thread: M11*0.75

1. Round Spot: φ1.5mm,φ3mm,φ4mm,φ5mm,φ6mm,φ8mm,φ10mm,φ12mm,φ15mm,φ20mm

2. Direct Rectangular Light Spot:: 3*12mm,4*16mm,5*20mm

3. 90°a lens of side light (φ3mm, φ4mm,φ6mm,φ8mm, round spot)

Multiple lenses are selected for different spots. When changing, twist the lens of the inscribed part.

Shipment standard with one, can be multiple choice, optional extra.


Light of the Rectangular Lens


Advantages :

1. 365nm high power UV LED Spot Light Source in the world.

2. Portable hand-held, easy to control

3. instantly curing

4. It can be used continuously for a long time.

The main application of UV-LED Spot Light Source:

1. Hard disk head assembly (head package, gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)

2. Motor and component assembly (wires, coils, fixed coil ends, PTC/NTC components, protection of transformer cores)

3.DVD/ digital camera (lens, lens paste, circuit board reinforcement)

4. Sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, fiber optic sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)

5. Mobile phone component assembly (camera lens, handset, microphone, housing, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)

6.TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel port

7.TFT - Paste Package of LCD Liquid Crystal Board FPC

8. PCB industry UV LED light curing applications.

9. Optical Industry - ST-LED UV Curing Applications

10. Optical Assembly (Lens Group, Prism, DLP Optical Engine Assembly, CCD, COMS )

11. Optical Communication Industry LED UV Curing Applications

12. Optical communication industry components ( PLC splitter, wavelength division multiplexer WDM , array grating waveguide AWG, etc., bonding or encapsulation of various glass packaging structures, fixing of tiny components, etc.)

13. Research and Institute - ST-UV LED Light Curing Applications

14. Medical Devices and Medical Accessories LED UV Light Sources Curing Applications

15. capacitive touch screen fit curing

16. Laser UV curing application

LED UV Curing

UV365nm Known use

1 : Rapidly Curing Adhesive Glass and Metallic UV Adhesives

2 : Rapid curing of UV - coated paint on circuit boards

3 : Fast curing of UV inks printed on t-shirts

4 : Instant Disinfection of Disposable Cup Bowl Covers

5 : snap-cure adhesive disposable medical tubing, containers, or other medical equipment UV glue, high strength and equipment for UV sterilization.

6 : Instantly cures various UV inks applied to the plastic case .

7 : instantaneous curing of the adhesive between the display surface of the electronic paper book and the protective film UV water gel.

8 : Instant cure bonding of various crystals, glass and other crafts, commemorative cards, UV glue on key chains , and UV varnish on wood .

9 : Use transfer technology to partially replace the injection molding machine and quickly produce large quantities of precision plastic parts.

10 : snap-cure adhesive various LCD glass and metal which  metal pins UV adhesive, and curing the LCD trailing end of the UV sealant.

11 : instantaneous uniform curing adhesive kinds of protective film and screen touch screen UV glue.

Instructions :

 A、Power switch                   B、Plug                C、Probe How to operate

This product is the most simple of all UV-LEDpoint source controllers, and the controller configuration does not affect theUV glue curing effect. This product can be operated only by turning on the switch

The size of controller :


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