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365nm NVSU333A Highest Power UV LED Spot Light Source 365nm NVSU333A Highest Power UV LED Spot Light Source 365nm NVSU333A Highest Power UV LED Spot Light Source

365nm NVSU333A Highest Power UV LED Spot Light Source

NVSU333A 365nm UV LED Spot Light Source, highest Power UV 365nm LED Curing Lamp, instantly cure UV glue

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    Highest Power UV Spot Light Source
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Product Details

This 333A NICHIA UV LED point light source is equipped with the world-recognized top-quality power UV Spot Curing Light, Japan Nichia NICHIA single core 365nm, 20W electric power. Very penetrating power, can instantly cure UV glue lamp adhesive. It has excellent effects in the fields of fluorescence detection, magnetic particle inspection, and fluorescence excitation.

The DSX333A-II UV Light adds two new features to its predecessor.Added time relay and foot pedal control. Convenient for automated operation of the assembly line. If you need to customize other features, please contact us directly. 

Parameters of 333A UV Spot Light Source:

Brand :SpaceLight




Power Adapter:AC  0-250V

Plug Interface : British standard adapter

Size of host:L170mm W130mm H75mm

Weight:about 1.05kg (including irradiation head, power supply cable)

UV Point Cure for Coating

Parameters of irradiation head :

Cooling method : air cooling

Cable Length :1.5-2M

Lens : standard with a lens: round spot lens (φ1.5mm,φ3mm,φ4mm,φ5mm,φ6mm,φ8mm,φ10mm,φ12mm,φ15m,φ20mm..), or rectangular lens (3*12mm, 4*16mm, 5*20mm)

Standard Equipment : controller*1, irradiation head *1, foot pedal*1, power cord*1

Option : UV Protective glasses, UV protective clothing, or UV protective mask

Single UV Light Beads please contact us. (review here)

For more UV LED Point Light Source Please click here : Spot Curing UV Light Sources

The size of UV Irradiation Head :

UV Point Light Source for Coating

UV Point Light Source for Printing

A、Foot Pedal        B、Irradiation Head        C、Timer    D、Reset Switch      E、 Power switch

How to Operate ?

1.Connect the cable

2.Press the Power Switch E, set the Countdown Time A, and press the Reset Switch D to start irradiation.

The function of Foot Plate and Reset Switch are the same. We have an extra connector to connect the automation equipment. If you don’t know how to connect, please contact us directly.

The main application of UV-LED Spot Light Source:

1. Hard disk head assembly (head package, gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)

2. Motor and component assembly (wires, coils, fixed coil ends, PTC/NTC components, protection of transformer cores)

3.DVD/ digital camera (lens, lens paste, circuit board reinforcement)

4. Sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, fiber optic sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.)

5. Mobile phone component assembly (camera lens, handset, microphone, housing, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)

6.TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel port

7.TFT - Paste Package of LCD Liquid Crystal Board FPC

8. PCB industry UV LED light curing applications.

9. Optical Industry - ST-LED UV Curing Applications

10. Optical Assembly (Lens Group, Prism, DLP Optical Engine Assembly, CCD, COMS )

11. Optical Communication Industry LED UV Curing Applications

12. Optical communication industry components ( PLC splitter, wavelength division multiplexer WDM , array grating waveguide AWG, etc., bonding or encapsulation of various glass packaging structures, fixing of tiny components, etc.)

13. Research and Institute - ST-UV LED Light Curing Applications

14. Medical Devices and Medical Accessories LED UV Light Sources Curing Applications

15. capacitive touch screen fit curing

16. Laser UV curing application

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