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UV LED Flashlight 365nm UV Fluorescence Detection Professional Flashlight UV LED Flashlight 365nm UV Fluorescence Detection Professional Flashlight

UV LED Flashlight 365nm UV Fluorescence Detection Professional Flashlight

Pure 365nm UV LED Flashlight is a detect the use of flashlight. 
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    UV LED Flashlight 365nm
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Product Details

Please do not underestimate UV LED 365nm Flashlight. It is a multipurpose product, anti-counterfeiting detection, jewelry identification, blood test, oil collecting and other uses. It is small,  but most of customers choose it because of its portable.


Model : DSX033B3W

Type : UV LED Flashlight

Luminous Flux : 9999 (LM)

Power : 3W

Wavelength : 365nm

Size : diameter : 24.1mm, length : 118mm

Weigh (UV Flashlight) : 76g

Weigh (include Packing) : 88g

Accessories : charger, protective sleeve, packaging box

Satisfied with National Penetration Testing Standard JB4730.5-2004. The UV intensity of 38cm away from the target is higher 300uw/cm2.

Characters of High Power UV LED Flashlight

1.Light source is suitable for pure wavelength 365nm LED, unit area 365nm UV intensity is outdistance traditional black light lamp and UV light over 10 times.

2.You can fellow the switch without any waiting.

3.Extra-long life, over 20000 hours, far surpasses traditional black light lamp and UV light.

4.Easy to carry.

5.The shell is treated with aerofoil and hard oxygen, especially strong and durable, suitable for laboratory plant and outdoor environment.

6.Super Brightness 450mW

7.Powered by a lithium battery 18650. Rechargeable.

Application of High Power UV LED Flashlight

Public security criminal police spot trace detection, fluorescent powder detection, UV glue solidification, oil pipeline leak detection, banknote detection, certificate detection, bill detection and other uses. The main categories are the following :

1.Penetrant detection, fluorescence detection

2.Biological polymerization and fluorescence observation

3.Air conditioning refrigerant leak detection

4.Engine oil leak detection

5.Criminal investigation: fingerprints, blood stains

6.Ore fluorescence observation

7.Oil pollution cleaning test

8.Fluorescent flaw detection: fluorescent penetrant detection of steel, non-ferrous metal, automobile, airplane, etc.

9.Pollution inspection: electronic components, motherboard, dust inspection, LCD panel, dust free room entry inspection.

10.Leakage inspection: oil pressure machine, liquid tank, discharge pipe and other oil leak detection, using fluorescent agent for leakage inspection.

11.Degreasing cleaning confirmation: food industry, kitchen, cooking utensil, tableware degreasing cleaning confirmation

Cautions of High Power UV LED Flashlight : Please do not look directly at UV light.

UV LED Flashlight 365nm

One of the most Important applications of UV Flashlight : inspect jewelry, play, jade, porcelain, wood or not glue

Below is a photo of an enthusiastic buyer friend who bought two. The picture reflects the injection of the south red agate, the ultraviolet lamp a dozen, the trace appears immediately.

UV LED Flashlight 365nm for Multipurpose Detection


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