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The Market of UVC LED

2020-02-21 08:19:38

UVC Ultraviolet LED as an alternative to UV mercury lamp in the future, after the plague, the problem of cost reduction and efficiency improvement is more urgent.

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So, under the influence of the epidemic, does it really help speed up the research and development of the industry? Will the UVC LED industry break out ahead of time this year?

Regardless of the background of the epidemic, according to the data of expert industry research center, the global market size of Deep UV LED for Sterilization will reach 269 million dollars (about 1.9 billion RMB) in 2019,2020 is expected to be the first year for UV led to enter the high-speed growth period. By 2024, the global market size of UV LED is expected to exceed 1 billion dollars, with a compound growth rate of 31% in 2019-2024. As an important part of UV LED industry, the output value of UVC led accounts for more than 20% of the total, which is mainly used in sterilization, disinfection and other fields.

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With the rapid development of the whole UV LED industry, and driven by the epidemic, UVC LED may be expected to enter the fast lane of growth this year. Why do you say that? Let's take a look at the two major problems hindering the development of UVC led.

In the general consumer market:

1)The mass market is not just for disinfection and sterilization. Bacteria have been living on the earth for billions of years. Bacteria and human beings are symbiotic in many times. In the environment that does not affect human life and work, the demand for disinfection and sterilization in the mass market is not strong. In addition, because UVC is invisible light, invisible and intangible, colorless and tasteless, consumers can not perceive the working effect of UVC led, and the market has a shallow understanding of Ultraviolet UVC UV LED for Disinfection, which makes it difficult for enterprises to open the market and promote.

2) Even though the mass market is conscious of disinfection and sterilization, there are many ways to choose, such as ozone sterilization, high temperature sterilization, disinfection solution sterilization, etc., and even people can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization with boiled water at ordinary times. UVC is just one of many ways of disinfection and sterilization. At present, UVC has not been completely replaced. Need to stand out and wait.

In the industrial or commercial sector :

It is undeniable that compared with the UV mercury lamp, the working efficiency of UVC LED is far lower than that of UV mercury lamp, and the conversion efficiency of UV LED is relatively low, with a large technical problem; at present, the UV mercury lamp still occupies the low position of the mainstream.

Therefore, the occurrence of the new coronavirus pneumonia can only be donated to the UV sterilizing mercury lamp in the lamps and lanterns. The battle of UVC LED in this outbreak can only emerge on the surface sterilization area of personal protection.

After the outbreak, we have the opportunity to solve the above two development problems:

1.Obviously, it solves the problem of cultivation and cognition of UV led to the mass market for a long time. Before that, it took a long time to educate the market, with little effect. This time, in an unfortunate accident, it got a huge positive publicity, which deepened consumers' understanding of UV LED and UV product disinfection and sterilization.

2.Once the public's awareness of UV sterilization is improved, with the industry chain of UVC led paying more attention to R & D and promotion, the technology gets a certain breakthrough, and mercury lamp gradually exits the stage, which will be very conducive to opening the market of UVC led in an all-round way.

3.High Power UVC LED for Mefical will be more popular in sterilization, household appliances, consumer water treatment, etc. For example, the discovery of coronavirus on the doorknob reported in the news a few days ago has greatly aroused people's sense of virus prevention in doorknob, elevator and other aspects. Although human forgetfulness and inertia are hard to move, after the epidemic, the importance of sterilization will inevitably decline, but it will still attract some people's attention. In terms of product design, it will be a better choice to put the disinfection and sterilization function of UVC led in the original household products or matching with daily cleaning products. Such as air conditioning, air purifier, water dispenser, sweeping robot, etc.

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4.It will attract the strategic attention of the country. Under the continuous breakthrough of technology, UVC LED is expected to be gradually applied in medical treatment, industrial water treatment and other aspects. Although UV mercury lamp is still the main way, the development path of UVC LED can refer to the path of replacing ordinary lighting with LED, from assisting, imitating and replacing, and then gradually developing the UVC LED Sterilizer products with senior characteristics.

To sum up, ultraviolet products have made some positive contributions to the fight against the new coronavirus. After the epidemic ,we believed, UVC LED will also accelerate development to a certain extent.

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