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What is Constant Current Switching Power Supply ?

2019-08-30 09:36:36

To meet the needs of production development : the original 4-5V power supply can be used to flexibly and reduce the number of modules, increase or decrease the current, and improve the utilization rate of equipment.

To improve the reliability of production operation : the professional for LED constant current power supply is designed in N+1 mode. Under normal circumstances, all modules are involved in the work. If the equipment fails, the power supply will not stop. The system automatically reduces the current operation and exits the fault unit without affecting production.

To easy maintenance : all module units are generalized, and the fault modules can be replaced freely with a few backup module units, making the maintenance relatively easy.

To digital control : each module unit takes the microprocessor as the control core, mainly uses the software program to realize the control scheme such as automatic flow equalization, the control is flexible, the precision is high, the dynamic response is fast, the used  components are few, the reliability is high.

The whole Constant Current power system adopts the intelligent main circuit structure, realizes the module hot plugging, current sharing control, fault detection and fault display function, and the user interface is intuitive and friendly.

Suitable for various high current surface treatment occasions

What are the Advantages of Constant Current Power Supply ?

Another advantage of constant current over constant voltage is that in a constant current source, the current in the circuit remains unchanged after breakdown of one light source, while other light sources remain unaffected. Constant voltage is when the current increases in the circuit after the breakdown of one light source, other light sources will break down quickly. The advantage of constant current is that the voltage drop of the power supply within a certain range can ensure the brightness of the lamp bead unchanged, thus ensuring the brightness consistency. Constant voltage mode, the longer the line, the greater the pressure drop, the brightness is getting weaker and weaker.

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