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Applications of LED UV Curing in Medical Equipment

2020-03-05 11:14:03

The use of UV Curing Oven makes the UV glue bonding process of medical device products become automatic and easy. Now, advanced LED UV curing oven can solidify in seconds without adding solvent UV glues and dispensing systems, enabling the medical device assembly process to form consistent and repeatable bonding efficient, economical and convenient methods. The optimization and control of ultraviolet light source is very important for the production of medical devices. The use of UV curing glue has many advantages, such as lower energy demand can meet the curing, saving curing time, LED UV curing chamber small size, save space, improve production efficiency, automation and intelligence. Generally speaking, UV glue is used for bonding and sealing medical devices, which require high quality and reliable performance of UV curing light source. UV glue curing is essential for the production of medical products, such as gap bonding, sealing, and non-use of welding processes. In addition, pre-curing of medical products, in the case of pre-production of sub-components.

1. anesthetic mask UV glue curing

2. syringe UV glue curing

3. liquid tube UV glue curing

4. IV tube UV glue curing

5. blood vessel implant accessories UV glue curing

6. endoscope UV glue curing

7. arterial localization UV glue curing

8. tube drainage UV glue curing

9. trachea UV glue curing

10. blood vessel oxygenator UV glue curing

11. hearing AIDS UV glue curing

12. detection, monitoring and image equipment UV glue curing

13. bio-chip UV glue curing

14. PVC bonding, hot plastics (polycarbonate and ABS) UV glue curing

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