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Standard Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine with Best Quality and Best Price

Standard Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine with Best Quality and Best Price

Standard Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine can improve the mobility of ABS material, can improve the plasma hydrophilic pen tongue, can effectively make ink adsorption.

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    DSX- VPD-8L-S Vacuum Plasma system
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    T/T 100% Before Shipment
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Product Details

Standard Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Machine can improve the mobility of ABS material, can improve the plasma hydrophilic pen tongue, can effectively make ink adsorption. The traditional method is through sulfuric acid and other chemical treatment, but pollution of the environment, now the pen tongue manufacturers are all replaced by environmentally friendly plasma cleaning machine. We are Professional Vacuum Plasma Cleaner Manufacturer.

Note : 

The vacuum plasma cleaning machine is plasma processing the pen tongue of ABS material.


Vacuum Plasma system



            Technical Parameter



Control system




Vacuum Pump

Rotary vacuum pump



Plasma generator

RF Power 13.56MZH 1000W + Matching




Vacuum Guage

Pirani resistance vacuum gauge



Mass Flow Control

MFC control system



Gas control system

2 Channel solenoid valve control



Vacuum output control

Hi-level vacuum pneumatic flapper valve GDW-KF40

ISO standard


Vacuum breaking control

Hi-level vacuum pneumatic flapper valve

ISO standard


Electrode Layer

8 Layers of horizontal electrode plateOption



Effective treatment area




Process gas channel

2 channels process gases option: AR O2



Chamber Size




Layout Size


Plasma for Surface Treatment

Technical Parameters of Plasma Cleaner Machine :

1. Power supply : 3P : 380VAC 50/60Hz

2. Power KW : 5.7KW

3. Working vacuum point : 10-100Pa

4. Vacuum output time : ≤100s

5. Vacuum breaking time : ≤30s

6. RF Power KW : 0-1000W

7. Weight : ≤500KG

8. MFC Range : 0-200sccm

9. Mode of operation : Fully auto operation system, One-key starting

Plasma for Research

Plasma for Industrial Use

What are the Preparation before installating Plasma Cleaner ?

1. Compressed air ≥0.5mpa,ø6mm PU pipe;

2. Process gas: AR & O2 (≥99.999%) 0.15~0.25mpa,ø6mm PU pipe;

3. Exhaust : ø50mm connector

4. Main Power supply : ≥ 4mm2 5.7KW

Efficient Plasma for Surface Treatment

Efficient Plasma for Research

What is the Plasma Treatment ?

1. Vacuum chamber

Made of aviation grade aluminum , Fully auto welding to makesure no leaking, optimizing the design of eight-layer electric plates and making rational use of space

2. RF power

A safe and reliable radio frequency supply(13.56MHZ) provides guarantee for the Generation of high-level neutrons;

3. Vacuum pump

The design of fast silent vacuum pump system can achieve a vacuum level of less Than 10pa, Thus ensuring the required pressure of the equipment.

4. Control system

PLC+Touch panel auto control system design, Convenient for customers to use And operate

5. MFC control system

Professional closed-loop flow control system ensures the accuracy of process gas And the stability of contour effect.

How does the Vacuum Plasma Cleaning Work ?

1. Vcauum extraction

2. Adding process gas : adding the gases with accurate flow rate into the Vacuum chamber and uniformly distributing.

3. RF power supply provides energy to ionize the process gas in the vacuum chamber to form plasma.

4. Product treatment : According the set time in program to starting plasma processing.

5. Vacuum breaking: After finished the set time in program, Open the chamber door and take out the products in chamber.

ABS material pen tongue hydrophilic special vacuum plasma cleaning machine application field :

Note : 

The left pen tongue is treated by vacuum plasma, while the right pen tongue is not treated by plasma. You can see that the plasma-treated pen tongue on the left is already hydrophilic and can absorb water well. The right side of the pen tongue without vacuum plasma cleaning, water quickly dripping, not hydrophilic.

The Applications in Plasma Cleaner :

Plasma Cleaner for Pre-Fabrication Process of Integrated Circuits or MEMS

1. Plasma Treatment In the pre-fabrication process of integrated circuits or MEMS, the wafer surface is coated with photoresist, and then photoresist and developed.However, photoresist is only a medium for circular transformation. When the photoresist machine forms nano-graphics on the photoresist, the next step of growth or etching process is needed, and then the photoresist needs to be removed by some method.Plasma degumming machine can achieve this function.It USES radio frequency or microwave mode to produce plasma, at the same time through oxygen or other gases, plasma and photoresist reaction, forming gas is pumped away by vacuum pump.

Plasma Cleaner for Microelectronic Packaging

2. In the production process of microelectronic packaging, due to fingermarks, flux, various cross-contamination and natural oxidation, the surface of devices and materials will form a variety of contamination, including organic matter, epoxy resin, solder, metal salt, etc.These fouling will obviously affect the packaging production process in the relevant process quality.Using plasma cleaning can easily remove these molecules formed in the production process of levels of pollution, ensure the workpiece surface precision contact between atoms with the attached material, effectively improve the bonding strength, lead to improve chip bonding quality, reduce packaging leak rate, improve the performance of components, yield, and reliability.

Plasma Cleaner for LED Before Dispensing

3. LED point before the silver glue: silver substrate pollutants can cause gum balls, does not favor the chip paste, and easy to cause the chip manual sting a little damage, plasma cleaning can make work surface roughness and hydrophilicity is greatly increased, for silver glue paste tile and chip, and can greatly save the use of silver sol, reduce the cost.

Before LED bonding: improve bonding strength and tensile uniformity of bonding lead.The pressure of the bonding cutter head can be low (in case of pollutants, the bonding head needs to increase the force to penetrate pollutants), and in some cases, the bonding temperature can also be reduced, thus increasing the output and reducing the cost.

Before LED packaging: in the epoxy adhesive injection process of LED, pollutants will lead to high bubble formation, which will lead to low product quality and service life. After plasma cleaning, the chip and substrate will be more precise and colloid combination, the formation of bubbles will be greatly reduced, and the heat dissipation rate and light emission rate will be significantly improved.

Plasma Cleaner for Petri Dish

4. Plasma Cleaning System for Petri dish/enzyme plate: improve adhesion of cells and biomaterials to clinical diagnostic platforms. Most platforms for cell culture media and other clinical diagnosis are made of synthetic polymer materials.These materials have good inertia, mechanical stability and low manufacturing cost, but at the same time their surface properties have inherent limitations.In particular, they do not provide enough junctions for cells and biologically active molecules to bind effectively to their surfaces.Strong, uniformly distributed junctions are critical for immobilization of biomaterials and in vitro cell culture.For cell propagation and biomolecular adsorption, the surface of synthetic polymer platforms must be modified to improve their performance.It is very reliable and environmentally friendly to use low-temperature plasma technology to solve the adhesion problem of biomaterials to the medium.

Plasma Cleaner for Microfluidic Devices

5. Plasma Cleaning System Microfluidic devices: microfluidic devices require hydrophilic surfaces so that analytes can flow continuously and gently through microchannels to the detection and processing locations on these devices.This flow can be achieved by various suction, electric osmosis, heat, mechanical and other methods.Microfluidic devices are made of hydrophobic polymeric materials (acrylic acid, polystyrene, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)).One of the major problems with these materials due to their hydrophobicity is that crowded bubbles in the microchannel inhibit the flow of the liquid.Plasma treatment oxidizes the surfaces of microchannels, making them hydrophilic and preventing bubbles from forming.The surface charge density during electric pumping also affects the flow rate.Plasma can effectively promote the electroosmotic flow on the surface of charge meter, which is another advantage of plasma treatment of microfluidic devices.

Plasma Cleaner for Camera Module

6.Plasma Cleaning System Camera module: in the production process of COMS camera, lens cleaning, circuit welding, packaging and other procedures are involved.The presence of organic pollutants or oxidation layer on the surface of products in these processes will have an impact on the performance and reliability of products. The addition of plasma cleaning process in these processes can remove pollutants from the surface of products, improve the welding and packaging strength, and thus obtain more reliable products.

Plasma Cleaner for Stealth Aircraft Coating Pretreatment

7. Plasma Cleaning System for Stealth aircraft coating pretreatment, modern advanced aircraft stealth is an indispensable function.However, in order to achieve the stealth effect, the aircraft surface must be coated with a layer of special material that can absorb radar waves. Plasma is used to pretreat the surface of the aircraft shell before the coating, so that the coating binding force is better and it is not easy to fall off, which increases the flight time and reduces the maintenance cost.

Plasma Cleaner for Hole Slag Removal

8. Plasma Cleaning System for Hole slag removal: hole slag removal is the current plasma technology in the PCB field more applications of the process.Hole inside glue slag refers to in the circuit board drilling process (machine drilling and laser drilling) due to high temperature caused by molecular material melting in the hole wall metal surface glue slag, rather than mechanical drilling processing caused by rough edges, burrs, must be removed before gold plating.This gel residue is also dominated by carbon oxides, which can easily react with ions or free radicals in plasma to generate volatile hydrocarbon oxides, which are finally taken out by the vacuum system.

Plasma Cleaner for the Circuit Board FPC/PCB

9. Plasma is used to clean the surface of the circuit board (FPC/PCB) before it is shipped.Generally, downstream customers of PCB will inspect the products with supplied materials, such as Wire Bonding Test, Wire Pull Test, etc., some contamination often leads to failure of the Test when the surface is not cleaned.To avoid the above problems, surface plasma cleaning before shipment has become a standard process.

Plasma Cleaner for Plastic Industry

10. Application in plastic industry

Plasma technology is used for surface treatment of these materials. Under the bombardment of high-speed and high-energy plasma, the structural surface of these materials can be maximized to form an active layer on the surface of the material, so that plastics and plastics can be printed, bonded, coated and other operations.The application of plasma technology on rubber surface treatment, simple operation, no harmful substances before and after treatment, treatment effect is good, high efficiency, low operation cost.

Plasma Cleaner for Car Ignition Coil

11. Plasma Cleaning System for Car ignition coil

Plasma treatment of ignition coil skeleton can not only remove volatile oil from the surface, but also greatly improve the surface activity of the skeleton.It can not only improve the bonding strength of the skeleton and epoxy resin, avoid bubbles, but also improve the welding strength of enameled wire and skeleton contact after winding.In this way, the performance of ignition coil in the production process has been significantly improved, and the reliability and service life have been improved.

Efficient Plasma Cleaner for Engine Oil Seal

12. Plasma Cleaner for Engine oil seal

PTFE material performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-stick, lubrication, excellent dielectric properties, low friction coefficient, but the raw material of PTFE surface activity, bonding between metal and its end is very difficult, using plasma bombardment need adhesive of PTFE surface, the surface activity enhanced obviously, and metal bonding between solid and reliable, and meet the requirements of the process, and the other side to keep the original performance, its application is becoming more and more widely.

Plasma Cleaner for Automotive Industry

13. Other applications of Plasma Cleaning in the automotive industry

With the development of economy, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the performance of automobiles, such as the appearance, comfort, reliability and durability of automobiles.In order to meet the requirements of consumers, automobile manufacturers pay more attention to the details of the optimization of the well in the production of cars, such as the panel in the flexible polyurethane (PU) coating pretreatment, control panel in the adhesive pretreatment, internal PP parts embedded in the pretreatment, automotive doors and Windows seals, etc..

Plasma Cleaner for Mobile phone shell

14. Plasma Cleaning for Mobile phone shell

Plasma surface treatment technology not only can clean the shell when injection oil, more can activate the surface of the plastic shell to a great extent, enhance the bonding effect such as printing, coating, coating on shell with very strong connection between the body, the coating effect is very uniform, external appearance more beautiful, and greatly enhance the abrasion resistance, use for a long time also won't appear grinding paint phenomenon.

Efficient Plasma Cleaner for Medical Industry

15. Applications of Plasma Cleaner in the medical industry

Treatment of urethral catheters

Treatment of petri dishes

Treatment of enzyme label plate

In addition, plasma treatment of silicone rubber can be used to increase its surface activity, and then coated on the surface of a layer of non-aging hydrophobic material, the effect is also very good.

Plasma Cleaner for the Textile Fiber Industry

16. Plasma Treatment In the textile fiber industry

The superior performance of nonwoven fabric makes it widely used in medical and health care, home decoration, clothing, industry and agriculture.According to different needs, non-woven fabrics in the production process to be in the surface of composite treatment, and non-woven fabrics and various materials (plastic, plastic film, textile, etc.) bonding, in order to achieve a very good printing, bonding and other effects, it is necessary to non-woven body surface treatment.Plasma drum cleaning machine is specially used for non-woven cable and other slender surface treatment, the machine processing effect is good, high efficiency, suitable for mass production and processing.

Plasma Cleaner for Electrical Connectors in Aerospace

17. Electrical connectors of Plasma Surface Treatment for aerospace

The bonding effect between insulator and wire sealing body in electrical connector has been influencing the development of electrical connector.The adhesion effect is very poor without surface treatment. Plasma cleaning can not only remove oil stains on the surface, but also enhance its surface activity. In this way, it is very easy and uniform to apply glue to the connecting parts during adhesion, so that the adhesion effect can be significantly improved.After the test of many large domestic production plants, the tensile strength of the electrical connectors after plasma treatment has increased exponentially, and the pressurization value has been significantly improved.

Plasma Cleaner for Kevlar Handles

18. Plasma Surface Treatment for Kevlar handles

Kevlar material is a kind of aramid fiber composite material, this new material has low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, easy to process and shape.Kevlar needs to be bonded with other parts after forming, but this material is hydrophobic material, which is not easy to be coated with glue. In order to obtain good bonding effect, surface treatment is required.At present, plasma is mainly used for surface activation treatment.The surface activity of treated kevlar was enhanced and the bonding effect was obviously improved.

Plasma Cleaner for Speakers and Headphones

19. Plasma Cleaning for Speakers and headphones: quality directly affect the quality and grade of mobile phones, so the high-end phones speaker requirement for quality is very high, the speaker of the small part is the key, related to the bonding and encapsulation is essential, after plasma treatment, to make the package and glue firmer, perfect quality at the same time, improve the performance of resistance to fall.


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