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Short-Wave Measure Deep UVC UV Radiaometer Short-Wave Measure Deep UVC UV Radiaometer Short-Wave Measure Deep UVC UV Radiaometer Short-Wave Measure Deep UVC UV Radiaometer

Short-Wave Measure Deep UVC UV Radiaometer

The product of Short-Wave Deep UV Illumination Meter is exclusively used in detecting ultraviolet UVC wave spectrum irradiation value.

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    Short-Wave Deep UVC Meter
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Product Details

The product of Short-Wave Deep UV Illumination Meter is specialized in detecting ultraviolet UVC wave spectrum irradiation value. The range of bands that can be tested is 245-262nm. The peak wavelength is 254nm. At present, the product can be tested light power density of UVC LED, tube strength test of UV sterilization lamp in hospital, etc..


Brand : DSX

Art. No. : UVC 254

Wavelength Range: λ: (2 48 nm-2 62 nm)

Peak Wavelength: λp = 254nm

Irradiance Measurement range: 0-399999uW/cm 2

Resolution: 1uW/cm 2

Ultraviolet Light Out of Band: <0.1%

Measurement Accuracy: ±5%+2 words

Sample Rate: 2.5 times / second

Use Environment: Temperature (0 ~ 40) °C;   Humidity <80%RH

Overload Display: "OL"

Weight: 350g (with battery, probe)

Power Specifications: DC 9V (6F22 type) battery

Working Current: about 2.7mA

Host Size: 160x78x43mm (length * width * height)

Probe Size: φ40x35mm (diameter * thickness)

Line Length: 1.5 meters

Accessories: host*1, 1 probe (including cable), battery*1, manual*1, certificate*1, protective case*1, suitcase*1, screws on the back cover*2.

Optional: UV protective clothing, UV protective glasses, UV protective mask, hook tray.

Probe fixing method: The aluminum alloy probe housing has a fixed screw hole to facilitate the measurement of the probe in a suitable position.


UVC ultraviolet band (peak wavelength: 254nm ) , also known as a short deep ultraviolet, with sterilization and antibacterial disinfection . Ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit UVC short-wave ultraviolet light. UVC254 UV intensity detector is exclusively used in  intensity detection of measuring ultraviolet UVC band, i.e. the unit area within the UVC ultraviolet radiation illuminance power.

The production and research and development of our company's (Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co., Ltd.) UVC254 ultraviolet germicidal and anti- disinfection lamp, special intensity detector, is based on the user experience of major medical units and the collection of big data information. It is in accordance with the disinfection technical specifications of medical institutions and related to the country. The standard , without protective equipment , is a portable UVC UV intensity detector. At the same time, this instrument meets the needs of international users and has exported to many countries and regions. At present, most medical units have specified universal standard intensity testing instruments of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp.

Characteristics of the Product

1, the operation is more simple, one step in place.

2. High precision, large measuring range, long service life, no annual correction.

3. Full automatic intelligent detection without humanization. (People can leave the lamp, automatically dereferencing after the test is completed, effectively avoiding the user's body from UV radiation)

4. Comply with technical specifications of medical institutions' disinfection and national standards. 

Short-Wave Deep UV Illumination Tester

The Scope of Application

1. Exclusive for medical institutions: major hospitals, clinics, disease control centers, health centers, blood stations, epidemic prevention centers, beauty and plastics institutions, monthly centers, etc..

2, Educational Institutions: canteens, kindergartens, research institutions and other institutions.

3, restaurants, hotels, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, water treatment, sterilization, lithography, breeding, UVC-LED light-emitting diode light source and other fields.

Operation Method

It’s very simple, just two steps (press POWER first and press PEAK)

Firstly, aim the UV sensor at the UV disinfection lamp. Press the “POWER” button to turn on the meter. Then press the “PEAK” button to enter the test state directly. Then read out the measured value on the display. Our company's instrument is fully checked at the factory, all data performance is fully debugged, no additional settings are required.

Short-Wave Deep UV Meter

Other Button Descriptions:

(required for operation, UV disinfection lamp does not need to consider these)

1. When reading the measured value, if “OL” is displayed, that means overload, high-end measurement should be selected immediately. (Except for ultraviolet disinfection lamps, there will be no overload.)

2. When the instrument is measuring, press “ HOLD ”, LCD will show “ H ” symbol , the measured value will be locked, press “ HOLD” key again to exit data retention function. 

3. When the instrument is measuring, press the “ PEAK ” key, the “  PH    ” symbol will appear on the LCD . At this time, the meter can capture the maximum value of UV light. When there is more UV light, the display will be updated. Press the " PEAK" button again to exit the peak hold function.

4. Automatic detection function:

First, turn off the UV disinfection lamp

Secondary, place the instrument

Third, first press POWER and then press PEAK 

Fourth, leave the test environment

Fifth, turn off the light

Last, read the data

5. Battery replacement

When the battery power is insufficient, the  “+ -” indication appears on the LCD , indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.

Close the "POWER" button, open the battery door, remove the battery from the battery, and replace with a new 9V battery.


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