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The Application and Prospect of UV LED Medical Industry

2019-07-12 10:39:39

High Power UV LED light curing equipment for UV Curing has widely range of applications and powerful functions, such as medical industry, electronics industry, machinery industry, optical industry, university laboratory, etc..

UV LED light source is safe and reliable, small in size, high photo-electric conversion efficiency, spectral coverage, simple operation and low price. Can UV LED replace the current commonly used in biomedical lasers? This question can be answered from work. Ultraviolet light Beads is used to reveal the biological stimulation of low-intensity laser (LIL) and visible light.

For six years, the behaviour of bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells has been systematically studied at the molecular level of animal cells using low-intensity lasers and visible light. It is found that the optical stimulation effect is mainly related to wavelength, radiation dose and radiation mode, and does not require coherent optical conditions. Leadership in the field of low energy photo-therapy will gradually replace semiconductor lasers. In the past, the experience of low energy laser processing has also provide a reference for the application of High Efficiency Ultraviolet LED. In terms of coherence, light intensity, wavelength, practicability and price, it is completely possible in the future biomedical field with its inherent advantages, rather than the current laser UV LED line light source, and it hopes to form a special service in the biomedical field.

UV-LED uniform surface illumination light source

Existing literature has focused on UV LED effects in blue, red, near infrared and other areas, while medical research in other areas has been limited. LED applications in these areas have not seen any reports, but biomedical scientists have also done a lot of basic research to understand the conditions of light therapy for human cells and its parameters and mechanisms. With the continuous development of LED technology, the leading application in the field of medical development is huge. Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes series of various practical, new, simple and easy to be popularized medical devices will serve the biological and medical fields more extensively.

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