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Newest Introduction and Application for UV LED Light Source Equipment

2020-06-19 15:16:14

UV LED light source system can quickly cure photo-included binders, thus avoiding the use of volatile binders, very suitable for medical applications. Using UV curing glue provides many advantages, such as energy saving, shorter curing time, increased productivity, and easy automation. At present, UV Drying machine has been use in anesthesia mask, syringe, catheter, intravenous infusion tube, vascular implant accessories, endoscope, arterial positioning, tube-like drainage device, tracheal tube, blood oxygenator, hearing aid, detection, monitoring, as well as image equipment and bio-chip applications.

Professional UV Light Sterilizer and Disinfection Technology

The application of UV Curable Adhesive Systems in Medical field :


Mainly for easy to acne, oily skin, pores or dull skill tone and so on play a role.

2.Skin disease

At present, UVB is the best therapeutic band for skin diseases in the market. The UV LED device is small in size and easy to carry. Whenever and wherever possible to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and other intractable skin diseases.

3.UV Sterilization

The working principle of UV Light Sterilizer and Disinfection is to use the high energy of ultraviolet spectrum to destroy the structure of microorganisms, which has a strong bactericidal effect, so as t achieve the purpose of disinfection. At present, UV LED lights are widely used in medical units and catering systems for sterilization.

4.Dental Equipment

UVC and UVA band produced by domestic famous brands are used as ultraviolet light source to make UV LED deep UV toothbrush sterilizer.

Production and application of six medical products :

1.UV curable cardiac stent trocar

2.Manufacture and assembly of blood aerators

3.Needle bushing assembly

4.Conveyor casing and joint assembly

5.Insulin pen UV light solid bond

6.UV adhesive curing of endoscope

High Power UV Light Curing Equipment for Bonding

Characteristics of UV Light Curing Equipment applied in medical treatment :

1.Comparison between high-power high-end purple UV LED sterilization lamp and ordinary low voltage lamp :

A.Compared with the traditional UV lamp, its unique coating ensures no transmission loss of quartz glass, and its service life can reach up to 16,000 hours. At this time, the output of UVC can still reach 85% of the initial UV power.

B.High efficiency, long life and low operating cost, will become an economic alternative to medium-voltage lamps. They save energy and produce very little heat.

C.UV output 10 times the generally low UV lamp, working temperature up to 90°, the highest UV LED output can reach 16,000 hours of long life. Use less lamp to be able to achieve antiseptic effect, reduce first outfit and cost charge.

2.Advantages of UV LED Sterilization and Disinfection in toothbrush sterilizer

A.UV LED sterilization, instant high efficiency, can achieve 99% sterilization rate in 2 minutes.

B.Physical sterilization, no pollution, no smell, no side effects.

C.UV LED energy consumption is very low, saving battery consumption, compared with traditional cold cathode, energy saving 80%.

D.The actual service life is much longer than mercury lamp.

E.The actual service life is much longer than mercury lamp.

F.Extremely high surface output brightness, is 100to 1000 times of mercury lamp in the effective band unit area output.

3.The advantages of traditional UVB in the treatment of skin diseases were compared

A.The traditional UVB spectrum is a composite light of 310nm, which contains harmful composite light that patients do not need, while the ultraviolet light of UVB UV LED lamp emits a laser that is close to a single wavelength of 310nm, which is a real narrow spectrum UVB ultraviolet light. Therefore, it can better focus on the skin lesions.

B.The ultraviolet light of UV LED lamp belongs to the output of cold light source, which solves the problem of ordinary UVC light source overheating, with less side effects, not easy to blister, safe and comfortable, suitable for patients of any age.

C.The life span of UV LED lamp is longer than that of traditional UVB lamp. Compared with patients, it is more economical and more affordable, with stable output power and not easy to attenuate.

D.Targeted therapy focuses the energy on the lesion and can reach the lesion directly. UV LED light power is higher than traditional UVB power.

E.The unique lens technology enhances the UV light purity and precision of UV LED lamp and improves the curative effect.

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