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Can UVC LED (deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp) kill coronavirus?

2020-05-11 18:06:07

Let's look at the coronavirus first. Coronavirus belongs to protein-bound single strand positive RNA virus. Previously, six kinds of corona-viruses were known to infect human: α (229E, nl63) and β (OC43, hku1, mersr CoV and SARS CoV). Among them, hku1, mersr CoV and SARS CoV can cause pneumonia. The most well-known are SARS in 2003 and mers in 2012.

In terms of the binding strength of virus and receptor, the binding capacity of novel coronavirus 2019-ncov is weaker than that of SARS-CoV, which implies that its infectious capacity may be weaker than that of SARS. The binding domain structure is more vulnerable to destruction and prevention and control is easier.

The SARS virus was found to be sensitive to thermal radiation and UVC.Irradiation of coronavirus with Disintectant UVC UV Sterilization Light with intensity greater than 90 W/cm can kill the SARS virus in 30 minutes. It was found that under the sunny weather of 10 a.m. in Beijing in May, when the ultraviolet intensity was 4 uW ~ 5uW/cm2, the coronavirus in vitro could be killed within 3 hours.

In addition, the ability of the coronavirus to survive decreases significantly as temperatures rise. Under serum-free culture conditions, heating to 75℃ for 30 minutes can kill the coronavirus. A recent thermal radiation experiment of 2019-ncov found that it could be killed in 30 minutes at 56℃. Therefore, the radiation dose of UVC UV Lamp killing 2019-ncov may be less than SARS-CoV, but the specific dose still needs to be further studied and confirmed.

In conclusion, UVC UV LED Disinfection Lamp combined with other protective measures can effectively prevent and control the novel coronavirus 2019-ncov epidemic spread to a certain extent.

Portable UV LED Sterilization Instrument For Home Disinfection

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