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The Study on UV Coating Process

2019-06-19 18:25:23

UV Coating is a system engineering, curing by High Power UV Curing Machine, coating process optimization, can further broaden the application of UV LED boundary. Common saying says 3 minutes coating 7 division of labor. Coating or not, illuminant or not, it is to want to come through besmelling finally consol. The combination of UV paint and UV LED light source, UV Coating process optimization, but also to a large extent to make up for the lack of paint and light source. For example, the viscosity of coatings with higher resin content and higher viscosity at room temperature can be reduced by heating to meet the requirements of different painting methods. Heat can also be used to improve the fluidity of the system, increase molecular activity, more thorough initial curing reaction, smoother film surface and so on. Different size of coating could be chosen different UV Curing Machine for curing.

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