The Study of UV Painting Formulation 2019-05-29 15:29:37

1.The limitations of photo-initiators, thinking in terms of system, resins, monomers

From the introduction of LED, it can be seen that the current high power LED light source suitable for industrial production is limited to the UVA band and mainly covers the band above 365nm. After determining the capability boundary of LED light source, looking back on initiator, the range of choice is actually very limited. Most initiators have very low molar extinction coefficient in the band above 365nm. In order to solve the problem of low initiator efficiency of LED light initiator, in addition to the development of initiator itself, we should also think from the perspective of the system, including resin, monomer and initiator, and even auxiliary additives, into a whole to study, improve the curing efficiency of Safety NICHIA Ultraviolet LED Lights for UV Flashlight.

2.To achieve UV LED curing coating formula and coating process design (initiator, resin, monomer, temperature, surface drying, drying, pigment, filler)

In order to improve the absorption of long wavelength ultraviolet light by the initiator, benzene ring, N, P and other atoms are often added into the molecular structure to improve the absorption of long wavelength ultraviolet light by the initiator, which also brings about color deepening. And because of the initiator absorption efficiency is too low, in order to improve the overall reaction speed of the coating, need to add a large number of high reactivity of resin and monomer, generally high officials can degree of acrylic resin and monomer, which will bring high hardness and brittleness of the film at the same time, limited the application of the film.

Of course, NVSU233A D1 365nm Ultraviolet LED Lights for UV Coating initiator molar extinction coefficient is generally low, but also has its own unique advantages, ultraviolet light in the coating of the transmission rate is high, conductive to the deep curing of thick coating.

3.Different storage, transportation, construction conditions and construction process of the coating itself performance requirements

In coating field, Soldering UV LED Lights Lights for UV Flashlight have roll besmear, spray coating, drench besmear to wait for different construction craft, have different requirement to the viscosity of coating, and different base material, also have different requirement to the infiltration sex of coating, adhesion to wait a moment. And the condition of carriage, storage also has different requirement to storage stability of coating itself, so when coating formula is designed, should consider these factors to go into.

4.Different applications require different film properties

Because different application domain, to the performance of paint film, for instance glossiness, chroma, hardness, tenacity, wear-resisting, fight impact to wait a moment, Safety UV Chip for UV Coating can have different requirement. Therefore, when developing coatings, the balance between curing effect and film performance should be taken into account.

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